World premiere Sat 3 Sep: a song to save the world


Troubadour and shaman Mark Schilders has written a song for us ‘to save the world’. He means it! The world premiere of this will be on Saturday 3 September, during the departure ceremony for our second Book of Hours On the Way to Wisdom .

Mark Schilders

Motivational Song

The Walk of Wisdom was created as a gesture to save the world. About the why, the how? And what has become of it, more on Saturday 3 September. We thought we could use a motivational song to go with that. We immediately looked at our troubadour from the very beginning and regular musician at departure ceremonies Mark Schilders.


Although he himself is far too modest to call himself that, Mark has developed not only as a troubadour but also as a shaman. He is not just interested in beautiful songs, he wants to serve Love and is inspired by none other than (among others) the Holy Spirit. You can probably use it if you want to save the world…

Mark believes in miracles and has written many – wonderful – songs, such as the one for the wheelbarrow trip of Henry Mentink of the Veerhuis voor de Aarde. He recently walked to Paris with a wheelbarrow full of earth in forty days to nominate the entire Earth as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: unique, irreplaceable and of great importance to preserve. Mark wrote a song for it: link.

Whale shark

Another of Mark’s classics is the whale shark:

Everything is water and oxygen
Everything is liquid and salty,
Everything is… oceanic
Everything is water, including the wood
Just the sunlight
Deep inside you
Just the sunlight
Is made of Gold

How his song will be on Saturday, he keeps a secret even from us. We are curious! Are you coming too?
Saturday 3 September, Stevenskerk Nijmegen, 10.00h. Announce.

More about Mark Schilders

Take a look at the website of Mark Schilders, largely still written in secret language, but easily understandable for those who look at it with their heart: link.

Or take a look at this portrait of him in his home: link.