World Clean-up day – Sat 16 Sep Are you in?

September 16 is World Clean-up Day. All over the world, people are going to pick up trash on this day (more). We’re in! We have chosen to clean up the Waal in order to pay attention to the water. All the waste that ends up in the river pollutes our (drinking) water and eventually ends up in the sea. That requires attention.

From the Walk of Wisdom we clean up at 1.30 pm in Nijmegen at the Spiegelwaal (more: see below). At 10.00 a.m., a team will leave from the Dijkmagazijn Beuningen to clean up the Waal beaches in Beuningen (more). At 09.30 a.m., a team will start from the Veerhuis in Varik to clean the banks there (more). Someone even goes all the way to the source of the river in Switzerland to join in (more).

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World Clean-up
World Clean-up day – afterparty

As Walk of Wisdom , we are going to clean up at the Spiegelwaal. This island is located in the middle of the Waal in front of the center of Nijmegen. We gather at 1.30 pm under the Oude Waalbrug, in front of the entrance of Cultural Terrace/Granny Sientje (link). Here we treat ourselves to a drink afterwards. Sign up via this link.

In this way, we are all connected to the river that day. It’s great to collaborate with other organizations and connect to be able to do something for the world. Great if you want to help make the world a little more beautiful. We hope to see you on September 16th.

More about World Clean-up Day

Click here for more information about this global litter clean-up campaign: in 197 countries.

Join us in Nijmegen

Top photo: Lions club Nijmegen at a previous action Bottom photo: other volunteers at a previous clean-up action