Wilma: ‘I wanted this so badly, for myself. And for no one else’


A report by pilgrim Wilma van Oudheusden

Finally, after weeks of feeling a tickle in my stomach, the day had arrived.
I went hiking, more than 130 km in 6 days. On a journey with myself, to myself.
I put aside the fact that it was very hot for intensive walking.
The fact that it was hilly and the walking routes were sandy and unpredictable could not be a problem.
I wanted this so badly, and if I want something….

And I don’t have to explain how hard it was to walk, with a backpack, at a temperature of 35 degrees on average.
I found myself, crossed a line, and another, and another… and another.
It is wonderful to be able to experience how strong and powerful the human body is, we can really do so much more than what we think.

And then nature, a big wow
The fens, the Walloon beaches, the forests and the beautiful purple heather, truly breathtakingly beautiful.

But I didn’t get to myself
‘Cause I had to keep going
Because of the fatigue
Because of the heat
Because of the pain
I wanted this so badly
For myself
And for no one else
Giving up was not an option
Carry on though

Then, all of a sudden,
In the middle of the week
Between 2 steps
In the space of inhaling and exhaling
It was quiet
Silence between the movement
As in the eye of the storm
A seemingly small space
As big as the universe
You don’t have to travel
To experience this space
Stop looking
‘Cause it’s already here

Sunday I finished the Walk of Wisdom and I felt tired but satisfied.
It made me realize that nothing can be taken for granted. That we can be grateful for the small big things.
We have water from the tap, a bed to sleep in, a healthy body to live in, and around us only beautiful lovely people.
Yes…. I am a grateful person.
And how nice it is to be home again.
Live happily in the content time

Love, Wilma