While walking, Pyta walked into her new life (pilgrim 174)

We were also allowed to share this contribution in the pilgrim folder via this site:

Started on a beautiful warm day, with a daughter and a friend. Immediately surprised by a beautiful part of Nijmegen, the Ooipolder and Beek-Ubbergen. It was not easy for me to walk in silence. 

In July 2014 my husband passed away. In August 2015, one of his sisters passed away. My head was full of emotions and thoughts. 

I felt the need to walk alone.

That turned out to be a good choice. Alone with my thoughts, reminiscing. Filling in my new life.

A process that is going on to live my life. Enjoying all the beauty I encountered along the way. Nature, the little things that give your day a golden edge. That I’m grateful because I can walk.

Not far from my surroundings, seen so many beautiful things. And I’m going to walk the next trip. A hiker who enjoyed the Walk of Wisdom.

(Photos by Pyta Linders)