“When the rains beat around your ears…”

When the rains beat around your ears

The theme of our silent walk tomorrow is security (more). I asked editor Lucy Holl when she experiences that.

‘I experience security in very different ways. When I’m with people who are on the same wavelength, for example. Or when I can work on stories in silence. When I get into bed and know I’m safe that night (while so many people are on the run).

But above all, I can feel safe in music that goes straight into my heart. This week I was at a concert of De Dijk. I think most of Huub van der Lubbe’s lyrics are fantastic. A small couplet:

“When the rains beat around your ears | And the whole world is after you | Then come and stand with me in the lee | Until you feel my love.'”
Lucy Holl
Editor Walk of Wisdom