What peace means to me…. (flame bearer Claartje Bos)


On Tuesday 22 September from 10.00 a.m., Claartje Bos will carry the world peace flame from the botanical garden in Malden to Sint Walrick. Accompany?

What the flame means to me…
Symbol of peace: peace within myself, with the people around me and with the entire universe.
Time and place disappear into the endless ‘now’.

In Japan (1999) I became a member of the World Peace Prayer Organization. On September 21, I will plant a Peace Pole – symbol of this organization – in Valburg.
In the Netherlands (2009) I got to know the Dru (Yoga) with the World Peace Flame – the flame that is united from 7 flames from all over the world, the flame with which we walk.
This spring (2015) I ended up in the sound carpet for the Walk of Wisdom, which we are now walking for. In this peace week, all these great initiatives seem to come together…

I think the Walk of Wisdom, a contemporary pilgrimage path for peace, is a very beautiful initiative and I am grateful to be part of it and special to carry the flame!