Our little guide to the modern pilgrim is out!

short manual for the modern pilgrim

We are proud to present our little guide for the modern pilgrim. An invitation to make something of your pilgrimage.

Available for free

We hope that this manual can contribute to personal reflection and/or beautiful encounters. That’s why we make the manual available free of charge.

Beginning pilgrimage tradition

It is one of the last contributions to our pilgrimage tradition by pioneer Damiaan Messing. Damien resigns after nine years and moves to England for an indefinite period of time. The manual is colourfully illustrated by Petra van Bloemendaal of design agency Louman & Friso in Nijmegen. The title is inspired by a poem by Frouke Arns.

Click on the blue button and enjoy reading!

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Kleine handleiding voor de moderne pelgrim

This guide is funded thanks to the prize money we received after winning the public award in the Gelderland Landscape Election 2018.

Copyright: Walk of Wisdom Foundation