Walking in confidence (pilgrim Wil Kouwenberg)


‘The universe controls the details’ is one of the phrases I carry with me in my life. Also during my Walk of Wisdom. A gift to myself out of gratitude that I was able to walk again after an intense period of many complications after a fall. But also the need to walk this walk as respect and honor to my life, my life exactly as it was and is.

On Ascension Day

I left on Ascension Day with the intention of coming back in on my 73rd birthday. Twelve days that I desperately needed to achieve the necessary distance with the help of my ‘sticks’. I took it on and was willing to give it up if I turned out to be asking myself too much… I arranged sleeping places in advance because arranging them on the way would give me too much tension.

I set off in good spirits, confident that I was being guided. There were two distances that I knew were too big and I had to find a solution for. Not knowing yet that this had already been ‘arranged’ for me by the universe!

When I arrived at the first guest address, it turned out to be overbooked. Tired, sweaty and disappointed, I listened to it. I would have loved to sleep here as a reminder of the past… How could this be? The owner said: Let’s not deal with that and fix it. That happened and after getting a meal and after several phone calls, I was taken to the next village by one of his staff members. Despite the disappointment, the kindness felt like an angel, and I realized with surprise that the problem of the first too long journey for the next day had been settled…

Writing from my heart

A few days later I was sitting in the Lady Chapel and found the book with the angel of the Walk of Wisdom with the invitation to write. I decided not to do it, it was still new, had trouble being the first to register there. At the last minute, I picked up the book and wrote from my heart. Also an encouragement and encouragement to the pilgrim after me not to resist anything…

In the evening at the monastery I hear that the next pilgrim had asked if the woman who arrived earlier was called Will. The hostess had to tell me that my words had dragged her through. Why not write…! It was she who now punctured my blisters that I couldn’t reach myself.

The second to last day I arrived exhausted at my sleeping address and again: the inn is full. Mistake!

No kindness here, figure it out. I trudged back to the village, not angry, not panicked but amazed, what was I being handed in those nice details from above?

All I wanted was a bench, a wall, a chair, shade. Then my phone beeps, somehow I have my phone within reach at this moment. The traveller I had met through my writing sends a cheering cry; Only 7 km to go and then I’m there! Are you doing well? I’m texting that I just heard I don’t have a bed… Five minutes later, she offers to ask at the campsite where her boyfriend is staying if they have a place at the B&B there.

Twenty minutes later, the friend’s car stops and I jokingly say: can I go with this unknown gentleman? He responds with: I already know you a bit… What do you mean, is my question.

He tells me that his girlfriend was so touched by my words, written in the chapel, that she took a picture of the text and sent it to him. I’m perplexed and wonder what the hell I’ve written. But for the second time I have a bed and my problem for the second too long stretch has been solved.

Smiling gratefully

I can’t help but smile gratefully and realize that by not being angry and not panicking, I heard the beep of the phone! The Universe has shown me again: trust me. I feel guided and supported by many angels on my path. Glad I could recognize and accept them.

Sometimes I didn’t immediately see that they were angels, wrapped up in difficult situations.

Sometimes I also missed the recognizable angels on poles and roads and I was concealed for a moment.

But every time they came into the picture.

And I, who had nothing to do with the compass, who cannot read a map, and who only went forward with small steps. I made it!

Thanks to all kinds of angels on my path, this walk is complete. My great walk in life is also on the last stage, I don’t know how many kilometers left, how many find and wander, but the angel of the Walk of Wisdom remains on my retina as a symbol!!

Will Kouwenberg