Walk of Wisdom signs cooperation agreement with Intermedi-art gallery


Contemporary Book of Hours and Pilgrims

On Thursday 25 July, Damiaan Messing, chairman of the Walk of Wisdom foundation, signed a cooperation agreement with Theo van Stiphout of the Intermedi-Art gallery.

Every year, Intermedi-Art organizes a free summer exhibition in the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen where various artists present their work around a theme. The theme of 2013 was ‘journey home‘. For 2015, the theme ‘the contemporary book of hours and pilgrims’ will be Brothers of Limburg year.

In the Middle Ages, a Book of Hours was a personal prayer book within the then Christian context. In collaboration with the Walk of Wisdom , Intermedi-Art will publish a contemporary Book of Hours. The book is in line with the modern search for meaning where people compose their identity and meaning from multiple sources from religion, art, sports to work.

In order to allow this ‘solo religiosity’ to transcend the purely personal, Intermedi-Art connects the contemporary Book of Hours with the core values of the Walk of Wisdom. These core values are authenticity, diversity and sustainability. These core values form a kind of search questions around which living artists make images and ‘forerunners’ share their life experience. How can you live a life that you support? How do you respect others without denying yourself? How can you contribute to the bigger picture?

The contemporary Book of Hours and the Walk of Walk of Wisdom assume that people can learn something from each other’s wisdom without having to impose their own truth on each other. Both projects cherish the freedom of personal search, but also the desire to do something for the other, nature, ‘the good’ in complete freedom. 

Summer 2015: Seasons of Life

The title for the contemporary Book of Hours and Pilgrims is Seasons of Life. In the summer of 2015 an exhibition will be opened around this book. This will also be the starting point of the pilgrimage route, the Walk of Wisdom. To be continued!