Waal beaches clean again

Last Friday we cleaned the Waal beaches from the center of Nijmegen with a cheerful group of Walk of Wisdom volunteers. The beaches are located in a nature reserve almost at the beginning of our route.

Waal beaches litter

Litter Waal beaches

In our early years, the Waal beaches were littered with litter after a beautiful summer’s day. After which wild Konik horses started eating from the (plastic) waste. In the meantime, the municipality of Nijmegen has taken excellent measures that have improved the situation considerably. Garbage bags are offered at the entrances next to large garbage cans. And animals and humans are better separated from each other.

Yet we still had to pick up a lot of rubbish from the beaches. Glass, cans, tampons, all kinds of things. After 1.5 hours of collecting we had quite a few bags full and we had a drink at Roosje van Ooij, one of the first terraces on our route with a beautiful view over the Ooijpolder.

Combining the useful with the pleasant. An old Dutch proverb, the wisdom of which we once again saw confirmed.

Drinks after cleaning up Waal beaches litter
Waal beaches garbage bags