Unique Book of Hours with forty works of art is almost finished

New book with forty works of art and an estimated value of €15,000

Two years after the publication of the popular edition of
‘Seasons of Life, a contemporary book of hours and pilgrims’,
the finishing touches will be put to a unique copy with no fewer than forty original works of art on 3 May.

Artist Gea Karhof completes the edition by applying a gold leaf decoration to the cover.

The richly decorated edition measures 36 x 28.5 x 5 cm and contains, in addition to works of art by Siemen Dijkstra and Gerry Dobbelaer, among others, stories about a special life experience by Jan Terlouw, Inez van Oord, Herman Wijffels, Joke Hermsen, Johan Willemstein, Hubert Bruls and Tommy Wieringa. 


On Saturday 27 May, the book will be unveiled in the Stevens Church in Nijmegen, the start and end point of the Walk of Wisdom. Look here if you want to be there.

‘Seasons of Life’ is a secular version of the Christian Books of Hours by the Nijmegen Brothers of Limburg, made 600 years ago on behalf of the Duc de Berry. Those books are worth millions of euros today and are in the hands of major museums such as the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 

Publisher Intermedi-Art Kunstzaken is making the unique publication available for sale to the Walk of Walk of Wisdom and Stevenskerk Nijmegen foundations. A popular edition with reproductions of the artworks appeared in 2015 at the opening of the Walk of Walk of Wisdom pilgrimage route.

The foundations may divide the proceeds among themselves, provided that the book yields at least €15,000 and an arrangement is made for an exhibition in the Stevenskerk. The publisher would prefer to prevent another unique Nijmegen Book of Hours from disappearing from view. 

Interested in purchasing the book? Please contact Theo van Stiphout (Intermedi-Art Art Affairs, 024 – 360 46 94) and come and have a look at it.


The illustrations:

– The book during the making process. Only the gold leaf on the cover is missing.  

– Miniature Elysian Fields by Siemen Dijkstra.