Turn on the lights in the Stevenskerk – we’re in!

With €175, the Walk of Wisdom helps the crowdfunding campaign of the start and end point of Stevenskerk to put the church in a new light. The old lighting has been around for fifty years and is in need of renewal. The church already received a subsidy, but is still missing a small part. You can also participate via this link. For €25 you get a guided tour and for €50 you get two free tickets for the concert ‘Masters and Companions’ on Friday 8 March (more).

Our own support comes from the landscape contribution: for every pilgrim who registers, we set aside €1 to give back to the landscape on the route, such as the Stevenskerk or nature projects.

We are happy that thanks to this contribution we can contribute to the preservation of the icon and pride of Nijmegen. The church dates back to 1273 and has become the spiritual and cultural living room of the city. She provides hospitality to our pilgrims free of charge and actively helps with the creation of our new pilgrimage route. That deserves praise and concrete support where possible!

Nice to report: with the €175 we were able to buy one of the pendant fixtures that have been hanging in the church for 50 years. “Spiritually ripened light,” you might say. There are still a few fixtures for sale.

Watch the fun campaign video for the lighting plan below:

Support the lighting plan via this link