These friends are still allowed to visit

Landscape contribution Walk of Wisdom
Landscape contribution Walk of Wisdom

That subtle proximity of birds inspecting the nest box you recently hung in the garden for them. How they wait neatly until you are at a distance. Snacking on the fat ball. Whistling with a tone that sounds sweetly when you are dozing in the warming sun.

The birds don’t have to worry about the government’s Corona measures. After all, they keep an exemplary distance… This week we will quickly hang some extra nesting boxes at the end of the route on trees of the municipality of Nijmegen. Thank you for the hospitality 024 and all the pilgrims who made it possible thanks to the registration fee for their starter pack.

Photo: “It remains to be seen whether this great will settle here. He’s doing well as a fashion model! We’ll wait and see????!” Marijke van der Donk, one of our host families in Beuningen, as a result of our action last autumn.

Tip: the videos of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds in nesting boxes, such as those of the little owl: linkexperience spring’