‘The Walk of Wisdom was perhaps the most beautiful long-distance route so far’ (Ellie Smeekens and Maarten Smits)

We are developing the Walk of Wisdom as a pilgrimage ritual where you walk for several days with your phone and internet off. But we wouldn’t be “the path of your own wisdom” if pilgrims did things very differently. Below is a nice report by Ellie Smeekens and Maarten Smits, which makes us blush!

On Sunday 7 May we walked the last stage of the Walk of Wisdom. We started on December 29, 2015 and have walked a total of 9 (full or half) days in different seasons and  with very variable weather; bright sun, fog, rain.

Usually with the two of us, a few pieces also one of our daughters walked along. Each time, the walks reconnected us with ourselves and with the environment in which we walked.

Rest and relaxation after busy days or in a busy period.

We found the walk surprisingly beautiful and varied. Beyond the Hatertse and Overasselse fens we knew the landscape and knew that it was beautiful. After that, it was uncharted territory for us and, we thought, it would also become less beautiful. But we were very surprised by the beautiful new landscape along the Meuse, the beautiful parts in the area between Maas and Waal, the rugged landscape along the Waal.

But we also enjoyed what we encountered along the way, such as the beautiful  chapel and Stations of the Cross on the hill near Bergharen and the nativity scene exhibition that was held in the church tower of Afferden and where we received an explanation from the volunteer on duty just before closing time. These things also made the walk special.

We have walked several long-distance routes, but the Walk of Walk of Wisdom was perhaps the most beautiful so far.

We don’t live far from Nijmegen, so who knows, maybe we’ll repeat a stage every now and then.

Ellie Smeekens and Maarten Smits

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