‘The Walk of Wisdom is a loving bed’ (About the special Storytelling Afternoon in the monastery)

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What does the Walk of Wisdom stand for? ‘Connection with nature, with yourself, with the people along the way’, ‘Lifebuoy’, ‘A kind of loving bed. The marked route is there, within it you do it the way you want it’, ‘Reflection’, ‘Freedom to walk and go and see what happens’, ‘Wonder’. And ‘it’s different from a regular walk, because there’s more to it. You are a pilgrim.”

There were special answers to the question posed by pioneer Damiaan Messing at the beginning of the Storytelling and Inspiration Afternoon on Saturday 27 October in the old Capuchin monastery near Grave. About sixteen pilgrims who have walked the Walk of Wisdom came together there to share stories. What a beautiful, warm and relaxing atmosphere.

There was beautiful music by minstrel and writer of our pilgrim song Mark Schilders. The pilgrims told each other about their experiences during a walk in the monastery garden led by Jan Alers. They gave shape to it in a creative workshop with Jacinta Kogelman or wrote about it in a writing workshop with Lucy Holl.

It was the second Storytelling Afternoon of the Walk of Wisdom. Next year there will be another one for pilgrims who are looking for more depth. The setting, the old monastery where so many pilgrims spend the night, was perfect for the day.

Photos: Jan Alers and Lucy Holl