The Walk of Wisdom in 10 haikus – by pilgrim Rachel

How nice: we received a first submission in response to our annual theme Germination. It belongs to Rachel de Vries van Banda from The Hague on the occasion of her ‘walk of wisdom’ in March 2023. Would you also like to submit a report or submission? Mail us.


My Walk of Wisdom in Haikus

Rachel de Vries of Banda


Ode to Dad
Carried by the earth
intertwined grief

Day 1

sprouted in soil
Reborn in Bison Bay
Carried by light

Rachel de Vries of Banda

Rachel de Vries of Banda

Day 2

My path unfolds
accompanied by three buzzards
Across nature

Day 3

Pilgrim on the road
Really coming home to yourself
Embrace the silence

Rachel de Vries of Banda
Rachel de Vries of Banda

Day 4

nave cathedral
Thoughts come and go
Love is seeing light

Day 5

The wind picks up
Sorrow flows into the earth
My heart feels lighter

Rachel de Vries of Banda

Day 6

wide and spacious
blue the color of the distance
Animated nature

Day 7

hail and blisters
Dad’s rainbows
between heaven and earth

Day 8

grief intertwined
seedling of mother Earth
What was inside is going out


Ode to Dad
joy, sorrow, connected
faith, hope, love

Rachel de Vries of Banda
The Hague, 12 April 2023