The region is on the move

In my blog A route without a route!? I explain that the Walk of Wisdom only exists in our imagination: we are working hard to realize a first part of 117 kilometers. We want to do this in the Nijmegen region through a pioneering route on the Streekpad Nijmegen and through the figurehead of our pilgrimage route: the artwork the Anima Mundi in Beuningen. 

The municipality of Beuningen has now promised full cooperation for the Anima Mundi. The procedures have yet to start, but most of the preliminary work has already been done. The only hitch could be a gas pipeline under the dike. An investigative agency is now studying whether the (foundations) of the upcoming temple threaten this pipeline. Exciting.

We have already had contacts about the pioneering route with the mayor of Beuningen and his alderman for Finance. The chairman of the KAN region (Arnhem Nijmegen region) also watched a presentation of our plans. The first reaction is positive. The dialogue has begun!