the Pilgrim’s Lauds: a new moment of reflection at sunrise

A special moment of reflection at sunrise to start your pilgrimage: Saturday 2 June we start at 05.15h – sharp! – a new piece of cultural history in the Stevens Church in Nijmegen: the Pelgrimslauden.

The Pilgrim’s Lauds is a monthly moment of reflection on Seasons of Life: a contemporary book of the hours and pilgrims. This book revolves around the wisdom of life and is a secular variant of the medieval books of hours by the Nijmegen Brothers of Limburg.

In the Stevenskerk there is a special edition of the modern Book of Hours with all the original miniatures (small works of art). From now on, every first Saturday of the month, a page from the book will be turned and recited at sunrise. A moment of reflection when the city awakens in the quietly deserted, intimate grandeur of the Stevens Church.

The Pilgrim’s Lauds is a contemporary continuation of the old monastic rhythm to set aside a moment of repentance at fixed times (Matins, Lauds, Vespers, etc.). For those who want to start the day in Nijmegen in a meaningful way or for pilgrims who are going to dew tread on the first kilometers of their journey.

Admission to the Pilgrim’s Lauds is free and registration is not necessary. Just be on time: the door closes at 5.15 am! Meet at Stevenskerkhof 62.

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Photo: Theo van Stiphout and Sytske Zwart, the publishers of the book above the unique edition. Theo is the Stevenspedel during the Pilgrim Lauden and Sytske is the reader on duty.