The Hernense mill (Floris’s mill!) is often open for visitors


Half a century ago, the TV series about knight Floris was made. Who doesn’t know Floris? In one of the episodes, soldiers can be seen being tied to the blades at the end. Floris leaves the mill running.

It is about the Hernense mill. It is located on the route of the Walk of Wisdom. All pilgrims pass by and are fortunately allowed to continue walking…

This belt flour mill from 1745 is owned by the Geldersch Landschap and Geldersche Kasteelen. The ‘belt’ is the earthen wall that is erected around the base of the mill.

When the weather is good, the millers Ruud Gerritsen, Frans van der Heijden and Heide Nengerman run the mill.

Our guide/hostess Alette Barendse and trainee miller Erwin Buteijn can also provide an interesting and educational tour.

The mill is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and by appointment. You can do this via our website or call Ruud Gerritsen on 06-13131528.

When the mill is open to the public, the blue miller’s flag hangs from the roof of the mill.

For those who want to know more: (the photo is also from that website)

The excerpt from Floris: