The ‘dream team’ starter packs have come along again

Preparing the starter kits for pilgrims is a lot of work and we are happy with the support of a dedicated group of volunteers who help us with this: knotting, cutting and threading the pilgrim’s laces, unpacking and unpacking the pins of our symbol Pilgrim, the folding of the litter bags and welcome letters, the insert card with the poem of Frouke Arns In the route guides… Put everything in the envelopes… And this time also crossing out the phone number of a B&B that had accidentally ended up in the guide. Quite a job!

Without the help of our ‘dream team’ starter packs, we would not be able to continue the Walk of Wisdom affordably. Thanks to Claartje, Marliz, Dorien, Ryon, Anne, Maria, Birgit, Petra and Vivian.

Nice: marker Gerard came by and hung a birdhouse at the door of our pilgrim office – with emblem. Hopefully just in time for the whining titmice that come to the nearby peanut butter jar.