The 6 days: Walk of Walk of Wisdom – report of a pilgrim


Beautiful, heartfelt account of a ‘walk of wisdom’ by Gerrie Kusters-Botden 

The 6 days: Walk of Wisdom

My experiences during the 6 days?

Although I thought I knew most of the area, there were surprising roads and paths that I had never walked before. I met a lot of nice people, it seemed like everyone was interested in this pilgrimage.

Special people:

Those who told their life story during a coffee stop…… A lady, who offered a granola bar while looking for the right way…. A naked man on a bicycle…. Two gardeners with tools on their backs, walking and interacting and humoring in passing……. A singer and pianist preparing for a wedding, she sang breathtakingly and his accompaniment sounded fantastic in the monumental chapel in Hernen……

The bells were rung there, as in the rest of the Netherlands, at 12 o’clock…… The Crossing, which I walked delayed and made a big impression on me, an intensely sad and at the same time beautiful feeling……. The peace and inner freedom that I was able to feel several times during this trip…… Getting lost, don’t worry, see even more beauty……. Sunshine inside and out….. The patch tree I also used…… Enjoying the blurred images, more silences and sopping feet in the rain…. Sounds of birds, large and small animals…… The last two days I walked without a stop, because of the rain and because there was no café or restaurant to rest or have a drink anywhere…….

No phone calls, apps, emails.

To relax in my safe haven and to get up every day with gratitude and joy at 6 am to be able to make these beautiful trips after breakfast.

Highly recommended, a beautiful experience, thank you!

Gerrie Kusters-Botden


Photo: Bart Kouwenberg