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Pilgrimage in the polder. On mental paths close to home

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Cover photo: Thomas Hontelez We sit down and take in the rolling landscape in silenceon. 'I'm just trying,' Damien says after a while. 'The signalshave been encouraging so far. I want a culture on this routeof cordiality and respect. If…

There’s something for you on the route

Damiaan Messing, pioneer of the Walk of Wisdom, also walks the walk himself once a year. In June, during the departure ceremony in the Valkhof Chapel, he told about an experience he had in 2017. "There's something for you on the route."…

Touched by an angel (report by pilgrims Jonna and Geertje)

Mother Geertje and daughter Jonna walked the Walk of Wisdom in the summer of 2018. Geertje wrote an extensive report about their special week together.

‘The Walk of Wisdom is a loving bed’ (About the special Storytelling Afternoon in the monastery)

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What does the Walk of Wisdom stand for? 'Connection with nature, with yourself, with the people along the way', 'Lifebuoy', 'A kind of loving bed. The marked route is there, within it you do it the way you want it', 'Reflection', 'Freedom to…
Walk of Wisdom, Keent, Oerrunderen stichting Taurus door Ricardo Hernandez

Walk of Wisdom photo pilgrimage

Photographer Ricardo Hernandez walked the Walk of Wisdom in September 2018. All photos: Ricardoclicks.com

Impressions from the big detour (by pilgrim Simon Wijma)

  A week on the Walk of Wisdom that footstep that moment in time liquefies with a history in the country And you, me Then be quiet The words gone A dog is missing in Weurt. That can't be missed, because everyone we meet questions…

Chance on the Walk of Walk of Wisdom – an account of Antoinette (pilgrim 1900)

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"To the organization of Walk of Wisdom, I hereby send you a story/poem of what I experienced during my walk of wisdom. I have been in contact with the person in question (Mr. M.) and it may be shared. On the occasion of my 65th birthday, I…
Foto door Hinde Joldersma

“I was always stopped” (report by Hinde Joldersma)

I came for the Walk of Wisdom was surprised by the English Choir Vespers was suddenly the third doe in the Stevenskerk Happy and fulfilled, I then left for the hiking trail but didn't move forward was always stopped stopped at every terrace thoroughly…

‘Yet I cried’ (Koos Duivesteijn-Ockeloen, pilgrim 1583)

Koos Duivesteijn-Ockeloen walked the Walk of Wisdom and route map 4 (dots 5 and 11) in mid-August, inspired him to write the following text:   At Persingen, I was Charon Who ferried me across the river I wanted my dead loved one back I…

Travelogue of the adventurous five-day hiking week

The first week of August there was a special walking week on the Walk of Wisdom. Co-developer of the route Manja Bente and board member Thomas Hontelez came up with this special tour with the theme of reflection on the relationship with the…