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An honesty bar on the route: Bergharen Refuge

Co-coordinator Damiaan visited Ad and Iny's mountain hut in Bergharen with colleague Manja. An 'honesty bar' where pilgrims can make their own tea and coffee and catch their breath. A spontaneous initiative of cordiality on the Walk of Wisdom.…
Natuurbegraafplaats Mookerheide

Mookerheide natural cemetery extra stop

The Mookerheide natural cemetery has become an extra stop for the Walk of Wisdom. Our pilgrimage route of 136 kilometers around Nijmegen goes through 11 municipalities. Our starter kit contains a shoelace on which you can collect bird rings…
Fiezie Homestyling

Foot bath in Ravenstein

For pilgrims who will soon be walking: one of our stops in Ravenstein is often closed during the day: the Keurvorst city inn. You can 'score' your bird ring in the opposite tourist office, at Donato's. Because the tourist office is often…
Waalgaard Weurt

De Waalgaard: “Food production in collaboration with nature”

In Weurt we recently got a new stop: the Waalgaard. A few enthusiastic people bought an old-fashioned sprayed pear orchard here and created a food forest and a pick-your-own garden. Pilgrims who walk the Walk of Wisdom can score their 'Beuningen'…
Loonse Schuur

Our staging post the Loonse Schuur wins ‘Uit mijn Keuken’ at Omroep Max

Congratulations to Kees Trommelen in Neerloon who won this month at Omroep Max in the program 'Uit mijn Keuken'. Kees worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years in commercial positions, but decided to take a different approach a few…