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The story of the departure ceremony (13): “Other people’s eyes”

About the distance between then and now The Cloud by Gea Karhof, a miniature in our first pilgrim book of hours Seasons of Life "One of the most fundamental – and perhaps one of the most frustrating – limitations of human beings is…
Nadia Zerouali

TV chef Nadia Zerouali co-writes our new book

TV chef Nadia Zerouali walks the Walk of Wisdom and co-writes our new book about wisdom.
Nynke Laverman album Plant

Theatre maker Nynke Laverman is collaborating on our new book

Nynke Laverman is going to walk the Walk of Wisdom around Nijmegen. The theatre-maker is invited to write a new book.
Walk of Wisdom good bye ceremony St Nicolaaskapel

We Are Going on the Way to Wisdom

Modern pilgrimage is about the freedom to go your own way. Runners seek that freedom wherever there are pilgrimage routes and long-distance trails. To connect with that freedom, Path of Your Own Wisdom was our subtitle for years. But is…
Gerrie Dobbelaer, herfst

The story of the departure ceremony (3): ‘Autumn’.

'Autumn' by Gerrie Dobbelaer During the Departure Ceremony/Pilgrim's Lauds of the Walk of Wisdom on October 3 in the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen, volunteer, coordinator, Manja Bente read the text by Martin Pieterse. The text for each Departure…
Theo van Stiphout en Sytske Zwart, Intermedi-Art

“The ultimate truth is a loving one”

An interview with the publishers of our book of hours Seasons of Life about the inspiration behind their work, their Book of Hours and the ritual of reflection around it (Behold, the sun! A contemporary pilgrim's lauds). By Damien Messing.…

Chance on the Walk of Walk of Wisdom – an account of Antoinette (pilgrim 1900)

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"To the organization of Walk of Wisdom, I hereby send you a story/poem of what I experienced during my walk of wisdom. I have been in contact with the person in question (Mr. M.) and it may be shared. On the occasion of my 65th birthday, I…