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stichting Vrienden op de Fiets

An ode to the Friends on the Bicycle foundation (vrienden op de fiets)

Thanks to the Friends of the Bicycle foundation ("Vrienden op de fiets"), walkers and cyclists throughout the Netherlands and far beyond can spend the night with 'friends' for a small fee. Often these are also hikers and cyclists who make…
Walk of Wisdom, kapucijnenklooster Velp

Pilgrim monastery near the Meuse

A pilgrim monastery in the Netherlands? "We already have the silence." An interview with the man behind the 18th century monastery halfway along our route where many pilgrims have spent the night: Mark van der Linden of Avant Spirit. A…

Tips for where to stay

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A few more addresses have been added to our overnight list that have a special and affordable rate for pilgrims. They do this out of solidarity with the route and the ideals of the pilgrimage - a nice gesture. The nature of these types of…