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Thomas Hontelez: Walking as a natural state of being (interview)

"When I walk, and especially when I walk long distances, I can identify a bit with the primitive man who also wandered and walked for days, weeks, months."

Pilgrims, pizzas and pictures – an interview

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Maarten de Jonge retired as a general practitioner and walked the Walk of Wisdom with his partner Addie. They decided to deepen their journey with the help of pilgrim coach Lidia van Engeland. He interviewed them afterwards about their experience.…

More than just your own wisdom?

Interview Hans Peerden In September, I interviewed Hans Peerden, who stepped down as a board member of the Walk of Wisdom. If I were to characterize Hans as a general practitioner and NEC football fan, I wouldn't do him justice: he has great…
VertrekceremonieYolanda van Diepen

Prepared on the road with a pilgrim coach

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Departure ceremony Walk of Wisdom, by Yolanda van Diepen "The first day I didn't have the guts to tell people who spoke to me that I was running for a reason. But the third day - against two men, no less! - I blurted it out: I'm running for…

“He who only assumes himself is misunderstanding something” (Interview)

An interview by Damiaan Messing. Our start and end point, the Stevenskerk, is kept open by a group of 80 dedicated volunteers who welcome visitors about twice a month, answer questions and show groups around. Among them is philosopher Toine…

The world as a warm nest

Interview with Hanneke Vermeer who, together with 80 other volunteers, keeps the Stevens Church open: our magnificent start and end point that in all its grandeur also includes so much silence and security. Hanneke has already seen many pilgrims…