Substantial sponsorship by Ten Berge notaries Nijmegen

As Walk of Wisdom foundation, we have recently changed the statutes. The old articles of association were no longer sufficient and under the guidance of Ten Berge notaries in Nijmegen, we drew up new ones. The notary helped us expertly and waived half of the bill as sponsorship. We would like to express our sincere thanks for this!

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What has changed?

The amendment of the articles of association was necessary to apply for an ANBI status. This allows donors to deduct all or part of their contribution to the Walk of Wisdom from the tax, so that support for our route becomes more attractive. This support is important, because we do not receive any subsidies and have to support ourselves through donations and registration fees.

A second reason was the way we work. In the old situation, there was a board of five people, while in practice the management was in the hands of pioneer Damiaan Messing and co-developer Manja Bente. The other board members tested their work against the policy plan and checked the finances. This method has now been formalized in a Supervisory Board that determines the budget and policy on the recommendation of Damiaan and Manja, who have formally become the directors of the foundation.

The next step is the granting of an ANBI status by the Tax and Customs Administration. The application is out!

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More about Ten Berge notaries: link.