Submission for pilgrim’s book of hours

The more people walk the Walk of Wisdom as a pilgrimage, the more meaning the route gets. Some of that wisdom we want to bundle in the Pilgrim’s Book of Hours.

The book will be the follow-up to Seasons of Life: a contemporary tide and pilgrim book.

The wisdom of pilgrims

The Book of Hours contains contributions from pilgrims who have walked the Walk of Wisdom. The contributions are texts or imagery linked to a place on the route. For example the powerful appearance of a tree or bench, an insight gained or a memorable chance meeting.

The approach is free, although we naturally prefer contributions that fit the pilgrim route. But do feel free to have a different take on things!

The rhythm of the route

Medieval Books of hours followed the rhythm of a day. Our Pilgrim Book follows the rhythm of the route: for each of the 34 route maps in the route guide we will select one contribution.

Think of the 34 contributions as an alternative to touristic information about the history of major events in certain places. The contributions are  “inner monuments”: whoever reads them, gets access to the experience of a pilgrim for you on the route. An invitation to deepen your experience.

No inspiration?

Twice a year we organize a an afternoon to exchange experiences. There are also experienced copywriters available who can help you to put your experiences to paper.