Storytelling afternoon for pilgrims 27 October:

Lucy HollFreelance copywriter/editor-in-chief Lucy Holl will give a short writing workshop on Saturday 27 October at our story afternoon for pilgrims who have completed the Walk of Wisdom . An interview by Damiaan Messing.

Why are you participating?

“I have a warm heart for the Walk of Wisdom and I like to take stories from the route of people who have walked. A lot often happens on such a trip and I think it’s good that after a while there is an opportunity to reflect on that: “What have I experienced?” People have a lot of stories and on that day you can share them verbally and see what comes up on paper.

In the beginning of these kinds of workshops, I do get the question: “What should I write now? I’m not a writer!” But with the help of playful exercises, it happens automatically. For example, on the first storytelling afternoon , the participants were surprised by what they wrote themselves. Suddenly, they gave words to a beautiful experience. Because you read aloud what you write, you also share that experience and that’s nice to do. It gives extra meaning.”

Can you tell us more about the set-up of the workshop?

“The workshop is a relaxing way to reminisce: what was great about your trip? What was difficult? You will go back to what you did and experienced during the Walk of Wisdom . What was your desire to hit the road? What did you come across?

In my work, I am strongly involved in journalism with interviews about heavy topics in healthcare, education or business, among others. This is creative writing. No interviews. You start with yourself. Then it turns out that words come out of you that you didn’t predict when you started writing. We build it up in such a way that they come to the surface. [Lachend:] It sounds like a kind of magic, actually!”

You’ve been on the editorial board of the Walk of Wisdom for two years now. Which stories come to mind?

“The most beautiful story I came across was one without many words. Someone who had started walking without a camera and phone. Just walk, don’t think “I have to take pictures because I have to show what I’m doing.” No, be completely on the route, open and see what happens.

Another beautiful story that has stayed with me is from Dineke de Velde Harsenhorst. She wrote that in her life in Nijmegen she had walked 100 times to restaurant Oortjeshekken in the Ooijpolder, at the beginning of the route. When she walked that same road as a pilgrim, everything was different for her. I liked that: that as a pilgrim she was more aware of things and started to see her own region with different eyes.

That is perhaps the role of a pilgrim ‘all the way’, that you go through life in a different way. Other than chasing through the day, shopping, being on the way to this or that. In my experience, a pilgrim has more of a feeling that he is allowed to be where he is and that is the feeling that I would like to bring out in the workshop.”


Lucy’s writing workshop is on Saturday afternoon, October 27 , in the former Capuchin monastery of Avant Spirit in Velp near Grave, a beautiful 18th century monastery and pilgrim’s hostel right on the route. The afternoon is especially for pilgrims who have completed the route and costs €15,-. Volunteers of the Walk of Wisdom can participate for free, just like ‘angels’ (people who sponsor us with €50 or more this year).

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Capuchin Monastery Velp by Thomas Hontelez