Stories by pilgrims

Throughout the seasons – by pilgrim Marouska Brandsma

Marouska Brandsma walked the Walk of Wisdom pilgrimage around Nijmegen throughout all seasons in nine months.
6 March 2022/by Damiaan Messing

Not yet the finish please…!

Not yet the finish please...mutters pilgrim Martine van Vliet at the end of her journey.
10 February 2022/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

How to become good ancestors? Fertile Earth magazine

The Vruchtbare Aarde (Fertile Earth) magazine tries to get to the 'inside of things'. The last issue contained a report by pilgrim Herman Heijstek about his Walk of Wisdom.
12 January 2022/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

About the beauty of an undefined life – report silent walk

Report silent walk on the Walk of Wisdom
22 December 2021/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

“There is always a solution” – Jessie Jager

Slowing down – that's what people often think of when making pilgrimages. This summer,…
18 November 2021/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

Walk of Wisdom photo pilgrimage

Paul Spierings set out for a Walk of Wisdom with his partner Alberthe. He sent us some…
19 December 2019/by Damiaan Messing

Johann and Goof on the path of wisdom

The assistance dog Goof from Johann van Rossum

Johann van Rossum walked the Walk of…
26 October 2019/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

55/5000 River goddess on the pilgrim path – report from Rian Boons

It's a wrap. Just at the last moment of the new year. What a nice trip. The last monument…
29 May 2019/by Damiaan Messing

Walk of Wisdom picture pilgrimage

Photographer Ricardo Hernandez went for a Walk of Wisdom in september 2018. All his pi…
8 October 2018/by Damiaan Messing

Hatertse Vennen, by Mark Schilders

One of our loyal musicians at goodbye ceremonies Mark Schilders stayed for two days on…
7 July 2018/by Damiaan Messing