Step by Step – poem by Marlous Jongen

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Book of Hours submission: Pilgrims can contribute. A selection of these will be compiled into a new pilgrim’s book of hours. Read more here .

Marloes Jongen recently walked the Walk of Wisdom and was inspired to write a poem about her journey. She sent it in with the question whether we are open to such writing, possibly for the benefit of the website or our second pilgrim’s book of hours. Due to changes and pressure within our small foundation, the editing of this book was at a standstill for a while, but we hope to tell you more about it soon. In any case, we wholeheartedly share Marloes’ entry on our website.


Step by step I follow my path,
I discover what is light in front of me.
Sometimes I walk in the fog,
sometimes with a view.

Step by step,
Sometimes I walk slowly, sometimes fast.
I blend in with the surroundings,
I enjoy nature,
Of the elements,
Of the wind and its playing.

Step by step,
I wander, I get lost, I repeat.
I reflect and start
…… of something new, over and over again,
With every step, over and over again.

Step by step,
And every step a different chapter,
A new sentence,
A new beginning with every step.