Sow summer!

National Sowing Day
National Sowing Day

Together with Bijen Dichter and Ontfermberm, we will sow the summer in at Oortjeshekken on Friday 22 April at 10.30 am. That Friday is ‘Earth Day’ and on a piece of the verge of our route we are sowing summer blooms for bees and butterflies. A nice advance on our Summer Pilgrimage sponsor run for the landscape. Flower seeds and rakes will be provided. Participants will receive a bag of seeds to take home to continue sowing. We meet at 10.30 am (where?).

The Bees Closer Foundation is an initiative of five beekeepers who are committed to a thriving Ooijpolder and Duffelt. They inspire, advise and inform through public actions and the management of an educational apiary. During the Summer Pilgrimage you can walk in front of a bee tree that is managed by these beekeepers. More information:

Ontfermberm – Feldrain als Blumenhain is a cross-border Dutch-German initiative of people who clean up their immediate living environment, make it more beautiful and make it flourishing. Anyone can adopt a verge. For the locations see this special Ontfermberm map: The initiative will also sow seeds in Niel and Keeken this Friday.

More about the Summer Pilgrimage.