Silent walks – report Hans Peerden

Hans Peerden and a group of other pilgrims walk around the Walk of Wisdom in ten stages. He wrote the following report of the fourth étappe Plasmolen-Heumensoord. Would you like to participate in the rest of the series of 6 walks or with a separate silent walk? Have a look here: link.

Sunday 5 May, the day after Remembrance Day. In my head there are thoughts of the grief for all the people who have died as a result of violence. This was in World War II, but the wars are still going on. A sad and sad feeling. But I also feel the intention not to let violence dominate.

On Sunday morning the sun shines, the world is open, the beautiful forest invites us. I read a poem by a deceased friend, so that he can be with us again. The people who are no longer with us also form our experience.

It’s good

When I’m dead, I’ll stay with you.
Even more so than before.
I don’t run away anymore,
when you get angry.
I’m with you everywhere.
So you don’t have to look back.
And most importantly,
that you don’t have to be afraid anymore,
that you lose me.

Hans Ridden

Today we are going out with 10 people, through many beautiful places in our country: Plasmolen, Zevendal, Mookerhei, Mookseschans, Cemetery, Hunting Lodge, Mulderskop, Heumensoord. There are many people at the same time at the Hunting Lodge and the Glider Airfield: how nice that everyone goes out into nature, but what a contrast with the peace and quiet that is there in the woods themselves. Out of that hustle and bustle, it is wonderful to walk under the trees again, into the silence.

In this silent walk it was again special to experience silence. It gives me peace of mind. I don’t have to worry about the other person now. I have more space to see the young greenery, hear birds, feel the rhythm of walking. In the places where there are more people, I also feel the contrast with being quiet. The talk of other hikers is then more audible. The presence of a dog also changes the silence and rhythm. Partly it is pleasant and nice to have contact with others. Partly the difference is also very noticeable with being in your own rhythm.

The intention to feel connected and to be connected comes to the fore today. It’s great that we, as volunteers of the Walk of Wisdom , can set this up and share it.

Hans Peerden

Walk with Hans

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