Series ‘On the way to wisdom’ at Omroep Max


Omroep Max has decided to broadcast the series ‘On the way to wisdom’ in full! Program maker Klaas Drupsteen (of Omroep Gelderland) walks the Walk of Wisdom and every time a well-known Gelderlander walks with him.

The guests Klaas invited are mayor Hubert Bruls, TV chef and cookbook author Nadia Zerouali, former SP MP Agnes Kant, poet Tjitske Jansen, comedian Pieter Derks, former commander of the armed forces Peter van Uhm, cardiologist and professor Angela Maas, monkey expert Jan van Hooff and writer and columnist Bert Wagendorp. All people who can bring Klaas closer to the secret of wisdom.

The first three walks have already been broadcast on Omroep Max. Here are the airdates of the other six:

Friday 2 April: Tjitske Jansen
Friday 9 April: Peter van Uhm
Friday 16 April: Pieter Derks
Friday 23 April: Angela Maas
Friday 30 April: Jan van Hooff
Friday 7 May: Bert Wagendorp

The series can be seen (and can also be seen) in the program North-South-East-West, always around 6.20 pm.