Saturday 17 June: come and wave goodbye to pilgrims from the Valkhof Chapel

On Saturday 17 June at 10.00 am in the Valkhof Chapel in the Valkhof Park in Nijmegen, there will be another departure ceremony for pilgrims who will walk the Walk of Wisdom . Others are also very welcome. 

The ceremony is independent of any religion and is intended as a moment of reflection: why should you go on the road? The departure ceremony is free of charge and lasts about half an hour. A pilgrim who has already walked the route comes to tell her story. Mark Schilders provides the music. 

The intimate, medieval Valkhof Chapel is located on the route of the Walk of Wisdom, 700 meters from the starting point of the Stevenskerk. Prior to the ceremony, a short silent walk will depart at 09.45 am from the statue of Mariken on the Grote Markt towards the Valkhof Chapel. Again, there are no costs involved. Make sure you are on time!

You can find more information here 

Photo: Maria Ludikhuize