Report of our 13,538th pilgrim: Wendy Hermsen

pilgrim Wendy Hermsen

Nijmegen – Kranenburg

Day 1 I walked from Nijmegen to Kranenburg. It was 32 km. What a beautiful route this was. In the ooipolder I saw a deer and two hares ran behind each other. The birds whistled lustily. What a silence there was around me. That was also one of the reasons I started on Monday morning. Then it’s quieter than on the weekends. Great to clear your head.

In some parts it was very muddy and you had to be careful not to slip. There were also tough parts today with some climbs here and there. Especially around the Duivelsberg, but it was worth it. It was so beautiful! In Germany at ‘den Elsen’ in Kranenburg was my first overnight stay.

I was received very warmly by the host and he cooked delicious food for me.

pilgrim Wendy Hermsen

Kranenburg – Overasselt

Day 2 for me was from Kranenburg to Overasselt. According to the booklet it would be 34 km, according to my GPS I walked 42 km. The Reichswald was very beautiful and hilly. I really enjoyed the varied environment. Sometimes forest, sometimes heathland, along the water and streams. very diverse.

Unfortunately we went wrong at the Mookerheide hunting lodge, but still very beautiful. Ended at the Bakhuisje in Overasselt on the Hatertse and Overasseltse fens. What a beautiful area. I also saw the sunset and took a picture of it. Again a very warm welcome at my overnight stay. What a special location this is!

pilgrim Wendy Hermsen

Overasselt – Wijchen

Day 3 was for me from Overasselt to Wijchen. Was 35 km. Along the way we saw the special patch tree and thought about it. The special chapel with the logbook of and for the people who walk the Walk of Wisdom with very special stories in it. The beautiful Grave and Ravenstein. Two very special places with old streets and very cozy. Since the weather was nice, we sat here on a terrace and enjoyed the sun!

Then to the Emmaus monastery in Velp where I also visited the chapel. Special location with the silence around you. Time for reflection! Finally in Wijchen warmly received by the host. Had very nice conversations with him about anything and everything.


Wijchen – Afferden

Day 4 went from Wijchen to Afferden. Since it was a short distance of 21 km for me, I added a route myself, so I walked a total of 34 km. Again a very nice area with the beautiful castle and beautiful castle garden. The trees that were in bloom.

I walked the Stations of the Cross that ended at a beautiful chapel. Very special! Finally I arrived at my host family in Afferden where I was warmly welcomed. Lots of chatting with the host and hostess. Special people!

Afferden – Nijmegen

Day 5 for me went from Afferden back to Nijmegen. A route of 26 km. Unfortunately, the clog path along the water was largely impassable due to the high water. Then over the dike. The special narrow path with the trees that were in bloom was really the highlight of the day. So special.

Strangely enough, the arrival in Nijmegen didn’t feel pleasant to me. I walked in complete peace and quiet all week. Met very nice people and had special conversations, but then walked alone again in peace and quiet. Enjoying looking around me. Back to Nijmegen a lot of noise, screaming youth and a lot of traffic. All logical, but I was immediately back on earth, so to speak.

pilgrim Wendy Hermsen

Now in retrospect (2 weeks later) I sometimes long for the peace and quiet and the emptiness in my head that I experienced there. It was such a special trip that I will never forget! It is also a start for me to make these kinds of trips more often, especially the walks in nature.

It was a super nice experience and I want to thank everyone who helped make and set out this trip!

Wendy Hermsen from Mill
(pilgrim 13,538)