Podcast Manja Bente, Walk of Wisdom.


Suddenly I received an email from Joris van Meel of 024/7: if I was interested in being interviewed about the Walk of Wisdom.

Joris who, just for fun, but probably also out of curiosity, interviews people from Nijmegen for his podcast. The people he chooses are makers and doers in Nijmegen, people who do something in and for the city. He does this from a shed in his garden, where everything is prepared to be able to make a serious podcast.

On June 29 I was already met in the garden where Joris was sitting on a bench drinking his coffee, while he was busy with his mobile.

Joris seemed like a busy bee, but I soon noticed that he is also very communicative. Someone who listens carefully to what you say, but also has the gift of creating a relaxed atmosphere. It gave me pleasure to meet such an enthusiastically idealistic person.

I think Joris himself should be interviewed by us, maybe when he has walked his Walk of Wisdom ? My first question would be: how would you introduce yourself?

Below is the result: “Manja Bente (Walk of Wisdom) is perhaps the most curious pilgrimage pioneer in Nijmegen. In this 34th instalment of 024/7 …’

If you want to listen to more of his podcasts, click here. It’s definitely worth it.

Happy listening,