Please note: unjustified postage costs by Postnl

Unjustified postage

Please note: there are reports that Postnl charges extra postage to pilgrims who received a starter pack delivered to their home. These postage charges are unjustified and we have already complained about them.

Postnl has switched to new XL stamps for parcels between 350g and 2 kilos. However, the seals are not yet recognized by all their scanners…. According to customer service.

Unjustified postage: how do you object?

Does this happen to you? Submit an objection using the procedure below:

Via chat/phone

  • Don’t pay!
  • Go to…/portokosten/bezwaar-maken/
  • Fill in the requested information
  • Click on ‘Appeal’
  • Indicate why you want to appeal and click on ‘Request an appeal’
  • In the following days, you will receive a response from Postnl by e-mail
  • You can also object via chat or call 088 86 81 002 on working days.