Pilgrimage in the polder. On mental paths close to home

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Cover photo: Thomas Hontelez

We sit down and take in the rolling landscape in silence
on. ‘I’m just trying,’ Damien says after a while. ‘The signals
have been encouraging so far. I want a culture on this route
of cordiality and respect. If more people follow the route
Walking with a certain intention naturally arises as an undercurrent
a dialogue. I am also receiving more and more reports from pilgrims. If
I walk here alone, I take the experiences of other pilgrims into my
head along. That gives me a sense of connection, but not in a pinching way
manner. You can also experience the qualities of pilgrimage in the polder:
contemplation, openness, contact with nature and
others. But there are other qualities as well: the roots, the tradition,
going in the same direction together.’

Just an excerpt from the recently published book ‘Pilgrimage in the polder’ by writer-publicist Wim Huijser. It is a book about walking, about pilgrimage close to home, about untrodden and well-trodden paths.

Wim Huijser also interviewed people who are closely involved in the Walk of Wisdom, including pioneer Damiaan Messing.

Over the past two years, Wim walked with many people who have been touched by the phenomenon of pilgrimage and asked about their motives and experiences.

He alternates personal stories with practical tips for beautiful walks in the Netherlands and the possibilities to make a pilgrimage yourself.

The book (ISBN 978 90 5615 749 4) is for sale in bookshops for € 19.90.