Pilgrimage in a group on the Walk of Wisdom

Pilgrimage in a group

In our almost 9 years of existence, coaches often go on pilgrimages with a group. Often small groups of 4 to 12 participants around a theme under the guidance of one or two coaches. When participants are registered as pilgrims for a starter pack, we list the tour on our website (link). So let us know if you’re hosting one!

Walking in ‘sisterhood’

A new group game will soon be started by walking coach Mirjam from Walking her Ways . At the end of March, she will walk the Walk of Wisdom for three days in a small group of women in ‘sisterhood’. This is a pilot for a three-day trip that will take place at the end of August. Themes include self-confidence and zest for life.

“During this 3-day event, there is room for you. To descend, out of your head, into your body. To feel yourself. To breathe. To free yourself from everyday life for a while. Of everything that seems to have to be done. To simply BE. And to nourish yourself with confidence. So much that it overflows you. So much that it makes you shine.

We share about what’s on our minds. What we long for, and what we miss. About (self-)confidence and insecurity. About what we let ourselves be held back, by ourselves (undermining beliefs, voices, feeling guilty, …) or by something outside of us.


Walk of Wisdom as personal/professional development

Pilgrimage in a group

At the end of May there will be an English-language Walk of Wisdom with 10 participants under the guidance of Robert Spieker and David Wen.

Some may be at a crossroads in life… looking for change… more self-awareness… the next steps in their careers and lives… our mission will be to help these individuals ‘disconnect to reconnect’ with themselves and others in the most powerful classroom in the world—nature.

At the same time, we’ve designed a special personal & professional development program (coaching/mentoring/exercises) that blends modern science with the ancient tradition of pilgrimage to help guide these individuals toward more consciousness, connection, and action.

Robert (Dutch) & David (American) are experienced mentors and coaches who met via the ‘Camino de Santiago’ with a shared passion for human connection. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Comenius Walk

For several years now, the Comenius Courses have been organising a special ‘executive programme’ for directors.

“The program is composed of four multi-day modules, spread over the four seasons of the year. Each module is programmatically inspired by the season in which it takes place. In summer, the hiker harvests; During the autumn tour, he lets go and distances himself. Winter walking is all about contemplation and reflection. It is the indispensable and inevitable caesura on the way to new energy that the Spring Walk unleashes. […]

On his journey, the Comenian meets thinkers, poets, scientists, artists, religious leaders and fellow administrators. They walk with them for a while or they sit down for a short introduction followed by a frank conversation. Essential is the ability to embrace the new with an open mind, based on self-confidence and self-respect.

Pilgrimage with a group
Photo: Vivian Cremers


Organizing a group game?

Would you like to organize a pilgrimage for a group on the Walk of Wisdom? If participants are registered as pilgrims, we will list the tour free of charge on our website.

Mail us and we will also think along with you about places to stay. In consultation, we can organize a special departure ceremony. For commercial tours, we ask for a donation for our foundation. For schools or non-profit organizations, we try to do it for free if possible. We can also put you in touch with a suitable space for this to organize it yourself.

Mail [email protected]