Walk of Wisdom in ‘pilgrim podcast’ Café Saint Jacques


After the sudden death of her sister-in-law, Anneke Scholten walked the Walk of Wisdom in the fall of 2022. She wrote a beautiful report and was recently a guest in a special ‘pilgrim podcast’: Café Saint Jacques (link). A podcast in which Jacques Verhagen explores the journeys and insights of pilgrims. Patiently listening, sympathetic and clearly inspired by his own experiences, he gives pilgrims ample space to tell their story.

In the podcast, Anneke talks calmly and candidly about her approach and feelings about her Walk of Wisdom. For example, she did not arrange places to stay in advance. However, she did find a lot of support from her coach, who gave her a mystical learning path: Latifa. It focuses on 7 qualities: acceptance, desire, hope, trust, letting go/surrender, love and free will.

Listen to the episode here . Or read her report Nothing stays the same“.
Thank you for your words of appreciation for us Anneke!

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