A Dutch pilgrimage route

The Walk of Wisdom is a modern pilgrimage route inspired by nature. The big plan is a route around the world. This is the beginning: a 136-kilometre pilgrimage route around Nijmegen.

Hills, forests and rivers

The Nijmegen route connects different nature reserves and is therefore very diverse. Most of it is unpaved. You will walk through two countries, three provinces and eleven municipalities. Prepare yourself for un-Dutch height differences. From the center of Nijmegen you can dive into nature almost immediately. Almost the entire route is well marked. Pilgrims who register will be given an overnight list to suit every budget. A pilgrimage route that doesn’t require you to fly.

In 2018, this Dutch Walk of Wisdom was awarded the audience award at the Gelderland Landscape Election. Tip: watch the 9-part TV series about the journey through Klaas Drupsteen.

Description of the pilgrimage route: see below.
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