The modern fasting

Make a selfie before departure
and then leave your phone for what it is. Now you are alone

only available for yourself. Your own battery needs to be charged.

Frouke Arns writes this in her Little guide for the modern pilgrim (Dutch). Her poem is in line with our invitation to have your telephone and Internet switched off as much as possible while walking the Walk of Wisdom.

Of course you can walk the route using Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook, continuously shooting and sharing beautiful pictures. There is no one along the way that forbids you to do so. But our invitation is to do it differently.

Let what you share ripen first. This might feel contrary to the spirit of our time and that is precisely our purpose. That spirit is actually quite hectic. Just turning off your phone has become a luxury. It gives you a completely different experience of time. ‘A modern form of fasting.’

Read the full poem here.