Pilgrim’s lace

The pilgrim’s lace is a shoelace that pilgrims are given at the beginning of the route. The lace serves as a kind of begging band: in each of the 11 municipalities along the route you pick up a bird ring with the name of the municipality on it. At the end of the route, you can prove that you have walked the entire route. The lace can be attached to your bag, wrist, neck or wherever you want.

The starter pack of the Walk of Wisdom also contains a unique metal bird ring on the lace with the pilgrim’s registration number. This bird ring serves as proof of registration. We are already well over registration number 10,000.

The rings of the municipalities are made of plastic and in the future we want to make them from litter that is cleaned up along the route. We just don’t know how to do that yet! Suggestion?

The idea of the bird rings was conceived by Manja Bente who also designed the pilgrim’s lace. The lace used to be made of leather, but is now made of cork. This material does not use animals and is much more durable. The cork comes from Portugal.