Rites and symbols

At the heart of our rite is the symbol Pilgrim. This symbol embodies the connection between humans and the planet. It was designed by the artistduo Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas: : “all human beings are seedlings of Mother Earth.

The artists call upon all humans to co-responsibilty for the evolution on the planet. By bringing our selves and our enviroment to bloom we blossom the evolution all.

The Pilgrim symbol is used as signpost for the route and every registered pilgrim gets a steel pin in the form of this symbol which you can put on your bag or jacket. More.


The second symbol of the Walk of Wisdom is the ‘pilgrimlace’: this is a shoelace to which you attach 11 pigeonbands along the way. In every of the 11 municipalities you pass, you get a band with the name of the municipality. These bands together evidence your completion of the route. Attached to the lace is a little metal band with your unique registration number. We started on June 2015 with number 1. The lace is made off corque. Design: Manja Bente.


All pilgrims are invited to switch off their phones and internet as much as possible. Call it a modern way of fasting. “It’s time to recharge your own battery”– according to the poet Frouke Arns (more).

This rite offers the possibility to season your experience and insight before sharing it with others.

Continued: see below.
Door Herman en Yvonne Meijer
Pilgrim Carly van Kempen

“The impressions I have gained are in my heart and soul. That’s why I did not take any pictures. So go on this jouney, to experience its beauty.” – Carly van Kempen