Well prepared on the road

Coaching on the path of your inner wisdom

We regularly hear that people walk the Walk of Wisdom with a certain intention. Some want to mark a new phase in their lives, others take on a personal challenge and others give some extra attention to a life event by walking the pilgrimage. It can then be helpful to discuss your intentions beforehand, so that your intent is given shape in the form of a question that you start your walk with.

The question can come to live during your walk, slowly, in peace and quiet, effortlessly and openly during. Nature as mirror, the encounter as a source of inspiration. In any case, to perceive yourself as pilgrim.

Coaching helps you:

  • to turn your intention into a concrete question. The more concrete the question, the more concrete the answers you will find on the way;
  • to focus and not be distracted by all sorts of side roads that distract you from your path;
  • to connect the experiences gained on the way with your question;
  • to harvest at the end of the trip.

Es handelt sich darum, alles zu leben.
Wenn man die Fragen lebt,
lebt man vielleicht allmählich,
ohne es zu merken,
eines fremden Tages in die Antworten hinein.
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

Het komt er op aan alles te leven.
Als je de vragen leeft,
leef je misschien langzaam maar zeker,
zonder het te merken,
op een goede dag
het antwoord.

Approach and contact

The first session takes place a few weeks prior to your departure date. Just as you buy your shoes and walk in beforehand them to accommodate them to your feet, you also ensure a good preparation for your inner baggage. The second session is halfway. After you have walked the route, you make an appointment for the last session.

Ted van Rijt (mindfullness and compassion trainer  www.tedvanrijt.nl) and Lidia van Engeland (coach / trainer www.questieconsult.nl and mentor departure ceremonies) are happy to be your conversation partner on your Walk of Wisdom. You start with a session at the beginning of the tour, a second session halfway your walk and finally a closing session at the end of your walk.

With this triptych of contact moments you can experience more depth during your pilgrimage. Pilot rate is 75.00 euro excl. VAT. Treat it yourself or ask it as a gift from anyone who wants to give you something to take along the way.

Lidia van Engeland: [email protected]
Phone: +31 6 22212042

Ted van Rijt: [email protected]
Phone: +31 6 50633299

Photo: Bart Kouwenberg

Photo by Bart Kouwenberg