Well prepared on the road

Coaching for pilgrims

We regularly hear that people walk the Walk of Wisdom with a certain intention. Some want to mark a new phase in their lives, others take on a personal challenge and still others give extra attention to a ‘life event’ through the pilgrimage. It can be nice to talk about this so that your intention takes shape in a question that you go out with.

The question can come to life more and more during your walk in peace and attention, effortlessly and openly. Nature as a mirror, the encounter as a source of inspiration. Finding yourself as a pilgrim.

The coaching helps:

  • to turn your intention into a concrete question. The more concrete the question, the more concrete the answers you will find along the way,
  • to focus and not be distracted by all kinds of side roads that distract you from your path,
  • connect the experiences gained along the way with your question,
  • at the end of the tour.

Read Laura van Vliet’s report on her experience: “prepared for the road with a pilgrim coach

Lidia van Engeland

Approach and contact

The first interview is a few weeks prior to your departure date. Just as you pack your bag and get ready for the tour, you also make sure to properly prepare your inner luggage. The second interview is after the tour. If necessary, you can have a contact moment halfway through.

If you want to take advantage of her offer or give it to someone as a gift, check out www.overdenoordzee.nl for more information about Lidia. Or call: 06 22212042 or mail: [email protected].

Photo: Bart Kouwenberg

Photo by Bart Kouwenberg

Es handelt sich darum, alles zu leben.
Wenn man die Fragen lebt,
lebt man vielleicht allmählich,
ohne es zu merken,
eines fremden Tages in die Antworten hinein.
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

It’s all about living everything.
If you live the questions,
you may be living slowly but surely,
without noticing,
on a good day
the answer.

Walk of Wisdom door Petra van Bloemendaal

This image by Petra van Bloemendaal is inspired by a wonderful experience Laura van Vliet had on the Walk of Wisdom. More images in our ‘little guide for a modern pilgrim‘.

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