Manual, coaching and group game activities

The Walk of Wisdom is inspired by the life force of nature. We have mapped out the route and give you something to take away via our starter pack. You are also free to decide how you want to fill in the tour.

To help you get started, we wrote a guide for the modern pilgrim. We also welcome coaches who walk with groups (see below for current offerings). And one of our volunteers is a pilgrim coach: Lidia van Engeland (see below).

The manual is available for free as a PDF (link) or online flip book: click the small image below.

Kleine handleiding voor de moderne pelgrim

Pilgrim Coach

One of our volunteers, Lidia from England, is a pilgrim coach. She offers short and affordable coaching that consists of a pre- and post-interview. Get clear on what you’re going on and then reflect on what happened. More. Or read an interview with Lidia and pilgrim Laura.

Group Game Images

There are also regular group games by walking coaches who are not affiliated with our foundation. These are now known to us:

short manual for the modern pilgrim

Further deepening

From the Walk of Wisdom

Departure ceremonies for and by pilgrims

Every month we organize two departure ceremonies for pilgrims. The ceremonies are independent of any religion and are free to attend. A moment of reflection before setting off! Take a look at our agenda.

New paths for Mariken

Mariken van Nimweghen has been called the most famous Nijmegen resident who never existed. She lived with the devil Moenen for seven years, but broke with him and went in search of her own story. Our chairman Monica Boschman wrote a retranslation of her famous story: new paths for Mariken.

Walking to Wisdom

Our former chairman of the board Thomas Hontelez wrote a book with lessons for the pilgrim: ‘walking according to wisdom’. He wrote it on the occasion of a trip to Istanbul, but it contains good starting points for whatever trip you want to make: link.

Also take a look at the website of the Pelgrimszin foundation or the Jacobsgenootschap, a great source of our own inspiration.

Starter Kit

Ready for a Walk of Wisdom? Sign up for a starter pack.

Vertrekceremonie Walk of Wisdom door Yolanda van Diepen