A walking trail or a ritual?

The Walk of Wisdom is designed as a pilgrim ritual, in which you walk for a week with telephone and internet switched off as much as possible. How do you approach it?

Carly walked alone, with a tent and without even a camera. Keito and Josselijn walked in honor of Keito’s deceased wife Clare. Marlou invited people who were important to her and walked parts of the route or went to dinner with each of them.

However you take the trip, everyone is free to follow their own path. Just do it consciously. A pilgrimage is an opportunity to reflect on what is important in your life. Are you ready to start walking?

The five legs of a pilgrim

According to rituals coach Christiane Berkvens-Stevelinck, there are five possible key moments in a pilgrimage: natural moments in the journey, where you can add depth by reflecting on what is going on in you.

  1. Preparation. The time before you set off.
  2. Start. The moment you take the first steps of your walk.
  3. Halfway. When you have come loose and still have a way to go.
  4. End. When you have completed the walk.
  5. Some time afterwards.

Departure ceremony by Jan van der Pennen

Reflection and coaching

As foundation we support these moments of reflection through our orientation afternoons, departure ceremonies and story and return days (see agenda). Halfway through the route a logbook is situated in a beautiful chapel. Our start and end point, the Stevenskerk, offers a silent chapel for moment of silence and reflection.

We also work together with two coaches who have both walked the route: Lidia of England and Ted van Rijt. They offer coaching tailored to the pilgrimage in line with Christiane’s suggestions: a conversation a few weeks before you leave, a session halfway through and one afterwards.

Coaching by Ted or Lidia is available to those interested starting April 2018. They apply a provisional pioneer rate of € 75 for the entire process of three meetings.

More about coaching

Photo hiker: Bart Kouwenberg
Photo departure ceremony: Jan van der Pens