Marjoke Schulten 'constellatie' (constellation)

Miniature in our pilgrim’s ‘getijdenboek’ by Marjoke Schulten

last modified: August 15 2019

Entrance fee Stevenskerk

Our start and end point the Stevenskerk will start a pilot with an entrance fee of €2 from the 1st of August. Pilgrims who start or finish their journey can enter for free. Note: this new situation will not be clear to all volunteers right away, but as a pilgrim you can refer to the information folder that is behind their counter.

Accommodation addresses

Do you want the most recent list of B & Bs including host families (these are not in the routeguide and on the site)? Then mail us, specifying your registration number.

  • Error 3rd edition route guide: B&B Maldenbosrand in Malden accidentally received the cell phone number from B&B Bothalenshof. Correct telephone number: +31 (0)6 10 110 288.
  • At 4th edition route guide: Afferden, route map 29, Tuinhuisje Horssen at Bergharen / Afferden has been cancelled!
  • At 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition: Reichswald, route maps 10 and 11: nature campsite De Bruuk is permanently closed.
  • B&B de Lavendelhoeve in Bergharen (map 27) has been canceled, just like hotel de Musschenberg in Beek (map 5).

Latest routenews

  • Route map 3: gay meeting place
    The beach and bushes of the upper corner of the Bison Bay/Bisonbaai (route map 3) are used as a gay meeting place. Usually only in good weather and in the afternoon, but walk in an arc around the top corner if you want to prevent confrontation with sexing men. If you want to avoid the whole place, turn right at ball 3 on route map 3; you then walk under the lake.
  • Route map 3: masturbating man exposing himself
    There are three complaints from walkers who were confronted with a masturbating man exposing himself on the public walkway at the above gay meeting place. In a similar situation, the municipality / police asks you to call 112 immediately. If you want to report a similar situation later, you can call the police at 0900-8844.
  • Route maps 7 and 8: shop closed
    At route maps 7 and 8 there is a shopping cart. The small supermarket, however, has become a pet store. Unless you like dog food or want sweets / soft drinks (at the gas station opposite), you better buy your groceries in Beek (5 and 6).
  • Route maps 11 and 12: work Koningsvennen finished
    After café De Diepen, Natuurmonumenten has carried out extensive repairs to an original swamp area. At card 12, ball 1, the bench has disappeared!
  • Route maps 18 and 19: nice ‘honesty bar’ is open 7 days a week
    On map 18 and 19 you can see ‘De Nieuwe Schatkuil’ on the left. This is a cozy and rural farmhouse terrace with self-service (coffee / tea machine) and a large refrigerator with cake, blueberries, juice. Also table with chocolate, own berry beer and other local delicacies. Open: April – late November, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. every day. Make sure you have cash with you! Link: 
  • Route maps 30 and 31: roaming beaches Waal
    At route map 30 you can no longer take the walking route after the shipyard (‘scheepswerf’) in Deest. That is possible again from the ‘Gemaal’. Take blackberries and nettles into account, or a step over with barbed wire. Under the highway bridge on map 31 you can go between two posts (just search). Well worth it for an adventurous spirit.
  • Tip for route map 32: “het Weurtsche Straatje”
    At map 32, ball 1, the tunnel has been replaced by a walking route that you can follow all the way to Weurt. You then walk, among other things, through the beautiful “Weurtsche Straatje” parallel to the dike. Marking and new guide will be adjusted accordingly!

Stopping places/pigeonbands

  • Take your pilgrim lace with you
    Some stopping places ask for your pilgrim’s lace when you pick up the pigeonband from the municipality.
  • Start and end point Stevenskerk
    Church closed? Ring the bell at Stevenskerkhof 62 and ask for administrator Rens. He is usually present from Monday to Saturday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. and is happy to help you further (note: he is a volunteer and sometimes a day away, you cannot “demand” it).
    Alternative: get your pigeonband at Foodbar de Pelgrim, Franse Plaats 1, around the corner from the church. Mail us for registration in the pilgrim register. Please note: Open Slow reflection cafe, where you also could get a pigeonband, is definitively closed.
  • Pigeonband Gennep: cafe Den Diepen (Milsbeek) is closed on Monday / Tuesday outside peak season. They have a birdhouse with pigeonbands at the door. Pilgrims who pick up a pigeonband get a coffee with ‘Christoffelvlaai’ or a Trippel with four Dutch ‘bitterballen’ for €5. Christoffel is the “patron saint” for travelers.
  • Pigeonband Mook-Middelaar: Note: the bird house at the shed of the Jachtslot is gone! Get your pigeonband in the ‘Landwinkel’ behind the lock or grab in the birdhouse that hangs there.
    A cosy alternative is a detour to inn ‘Het Zwaantje’. If you spend €5 or more, you will receive a candle for the chapel in the woods. For overnight stays on Sun / Tue / Wed / Thu, pilgrims receive a €10 discount per person.
  • Vogelringetjes Loonsche Schuur door Mirjam Klever nummer 11Pigeonband Heumen: at the ‘Zweef-inn’ in Malden you can buy a coffee with apple pie for €5,25.
  • Pigeonband Oss: Ravenstein bakery has been canceled.
    Go to ‘Stadsherberg de Keurvorst’ or get the ring at  ‘Loonse Schuur ‘(Maasdijk 18, Neerloon), just before Ravenstein (photo). If ‘de Keurvorst’ is closed on Tue / Wed / Thu you can go to ‘Fizie homestyling’ opposite the cafe.
    At ‘de Keurvorst’, pilgrims who pick up their pigeonband get the second cup of coffee for free or a drink with their dinner.
  • Pigeonband Druten: café / cafeteria Tobacco plant in Afferden has a bird house with pigeonbands next to the mini golf course, opposite the cafeteria.
    Note:  ‘De verleiding’ in Deest, after Afferden. has been closed and taken over by Italian restaurant ‘la grande Nonna’. You can get your pigeonband for Druten here from Wed to Sun from 3 p.m.(more).
  • Pigeonband ‘Dijkmagazijn’ Beuningen
    Many pilgrims miss the Beuningen ‘Dijkmagazijn’. Just before item 1 on map 32, an oval sign with our marking to the right has recently been placed, which will take you to the ‘Dijkmagazijn’. Follow the same route back for the roaming route (recommended) or go via the dike to Weurt.
  • Pigeonband Weurt (Beuningen):in Weurt you can also get coffee or tea at the stopping place ‘cafe het Centrum’. Opening times: Thursday to Sunday from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM. No one there?  Just ring the bell or call +31(0)24 6771214.
  • Nijmegen: offer for Pilgrims: Foodbar ‘de Pelgrim’ at Franse Plaats, next to the ‘De Hemel’ beer brewery (openingtimes). Offer: beer or organic wine with home-made Dutch ‘bitterballen’ € 5.25.
    PLEASE NOTE: The Open / Slow cafe at Lange Hezelstraat 39 is closed for good.

Tick alert!

Ticks don’t fall from trees, but crawl up through tall grass and bushes. When you walk through this, it is therefore good to check yourself. On this route that is mostly at the ‘Ooijpolder’ (map 3 and 4), the ‘Duivelsberg’ (7 and 8) and the ‘Reichswald’ (9 and 10). Wear protective clothing such as long pants or zip-off legs. Or put your pants in your socks.

Public transport scheme

Walk the route contiguous and not in stages: that is our advice! Then you can get free from your daily things and get into the rhythm of being on the road.

If you want to do it differently, look here for the OV-scheme of Patricia Akkermans of D’ankhlink.

Other corrections

In the route guide at route map 6 in the information block it says that the wall painting was made by a teenager. That is incorrect. The painting was made by local resident Nicole Aarts.

Picture pigeonbands ‘Loonsche Schuur’ Neerloon: Mirjam Klever

Mail us for additions!