Latest update: 19 mei 2022

Changes in the route since the first edition

  • In case of doubt always follow the current way markers/signposts.

Routemap 10
At ball 9 the slightly overgrown path is closed between the two posts in rememberance of two forest workers.
Take the first way left and then the first way right. You are back on track.

Routemap 12
The bench at ball 1 had disappeared and the route is slightly changed here. Follow the way marking straight. At the end of the road turn right, towards the forest.

Routemap 14
Busy new mountain bike trail! We changed the route for safety:
– Turn right at ball 10 after the gate. Turn right again immediately after. Follow the sandy road parallel to the fence and heathland.

Routemap 15
– At ball 1 turn left at the T-junction. Cross the mountain bike trail en turn right at the next crossing.
– At ball 2 straight, past the greenhouse, then left. At the end descend stairs and left. The hunting lodge is at your right.
– Ball three meander to a small water (l’au d’amour). After water keep to the right and straight until asfalt road. Turn left.
– At ball 4 cross busy road and turn right just before the trainline. Continue route.

Routemap 27
At ball 9 the path is closed. We changed the route since:

– Ball 7 turn right at the asfalt road and then left unto a parking place for the chapel mountain.
– Turn left at the gate of the chapel mountain (but do pay a visit! Free admission). At your right is a mill.
– Keep straight until asfalt road (Elzendweg). Turn right here and continue until you can turn left, into nature reserve “de Elzend”. Continue route.

Routemap 28
Route has changed after many complaints. The road next to the camping is now closed.
– At ball five – Bredeweg – turn right at the first opportunity.
– At T-junction left (Strengstraat). Follow this road all the way to the end. Meadows on your right.
– Next T-junction right. You are back on track and will soon be at the junction of ball 8.

Routemap 32
The area has changed.
– ball 1: the tunnel has turned into a walking path all the way to Weurt. You can keep walking in the floodplains and do not have to walk on the asfalt dike unless it is high tide.

Routemap 33
Route change to avoid asfalt.
– At ball 4 after the bridge turn left, descend small stairs. Turn right and left through the gate. Please remember to close the gate!
– Follow the dike (grass) meandering.
– At the end through gate (remember to close it), go straight and on T-junction right, towards the new bridge across the water “De Oversteek”.
– Ascend the stairs under the bridge. Continue route.

Latest news staging posts (bird rings)

Take your pilgrimlace
Several posts ask you to show your pilgrim lace if you collect a bird ring.

Begin- and endpoint the Stevenschurch
Always check the latest opening hours, especially in winter: link.
Church closed? Try ringing the bell at the big white door you stumble unto coming from the Grote Markt. Mail to get registered in our big book with your end date.

Bird ring Mook-Middelaar: Note: the Hunting Lodge is still in repair. There is a box with our bird rings at the Greenhouse gate.

Bird ring OssIf the hostel ‘de Keurvorst’ is closed in Ravenstein, go to ‘Fizie homestyling’ next to the café.

Bird ring Wijchen: There is a box with rings next to the café entrance of the Leurse Hof.
Bird ring Druten: In Afferden you can pick up bird rings in a box at café Tabaksplant next to the midget golf. In Deest you can pick up a ring at Italian restaurant ‘la grande Nonna’ or in Het Dorpshuis opposite. They are often closed, so better try your luck at the Tabaksplant.

Latest ‘sleep news’

For our most recent accommodation list mail us while mentioning your sign up number (on your metal bird ring)