Below accommodation addresses within 2 kilometers along the route. If you order a starter package, you will receive a link with a handy printable total overview, including host families (which are not listed below). No list? Mail us, citing your registration number (link).


Price indication: Budget: <€ 35. Medium: € 35 to € 50. Luxury:> € 50 for 1 person including breakfast. Low budget? Become a member of ‘Vrienden op de fiets’ (friends by bike) for € 8 and choose +75 host families on the route for € 22.50. (link). Or go couchsurfing (link).


Ask a B&B (in a nice way) if they want to pick you up or take the bus. Good public transport is available from much of the route. You can also book an address in Nijmegen as a base or the quiet forest campsite the But in Groesbeek. B&B Veldzigt in Afferden picks you up everywhere. Other tips: see below (routes, dogs, campsites, luggage transport and small budget).

Thanks to the municipalities Berg en Dal, Mook en Middelaar, Kranenburg, Heumen and Beuningen for their sponsorship.

Accommodations Walk of Wisdom