Here you find accommodation within 2 kilometers along the route. It only shows the B&Bs and campings that sponsored us.
If you sign up as a pilgrim, you will receive a link with the complete list, including host families (which are not listed below). No list? Mail us, citing your registration number (it’s on your pilgrim lace).

Price indication: Budget: <€ 35. Medium: € 35 to € 50. Luxury:> € 50 for 1 person including breakfast. On a tight budget? Become a member of vrienden op de fiets (friends on the bike) for €8 and you will find +-75 host families on the route (€22.50 including breakfast). Or join couchsurfing.

No place?
Ask a B&B (in a nice way) if they want to pick you up. You often can take a bus, there is good public transport available from much of the route. Since the route circles around Nijmegen, an option is to book an address in Nijmegen as a base or the quiet forest campsite the But in Groesbeek. B&B Veldzigt in Afferden, and Mario van den Heuvel in Hernen pick you up everywhere.

We are looking for extra host families!

Accommodations Walk of Wisdom